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7 Emotional Appeals You Can Use To Super Charge Your Headlines!
Copyright 2003, Joanne L. Mason

A great way to attract more prospects and increase your profits is by using emotional appeals in your headlines. People make the decision to buy your products or services based on psychological triggers. They want the benefits of your products to help achieve a certain goal or feeling.

Whether your prospects desire to feel smarter, become more successful, feel happier or feel safer, it is your job to target the underlying desires that motivate your prospects. When you uncover the hidden desires within your prospects it will be much easier to write stimulating headlines that magnetically attract more customers and close more sales.

In this article I'll reveal to you seven common emotional desires for most people. I'll also give you examples of how to use these emotional appeals to super charge your headlines to make quick and easy sales.

1. The desire to make more money

Money making headlines are easy because everyone wants to make more money. In these headlines, always use dollar signs and actual dollar amounts to dramatize the effect of earning huge sums of money. Here's an example:

"Discover How Cheap Little Classified Ads Can Make You Up To $7,532 A Day!"

2. The desire to save money

People work hard for their money and don't want to waste it
unnecessarily. Notice how this type of headline appeals to that great feeling that we all enjoy when we can keep a few extra dollars in our pockets:

"Here's How You Can Save 35% On Your Next Vacation"

3. The desire to save time

Time saving solutions are extremely popular in our fast-paced world today. See how you can create a winning headline by promising your prospects that you can show them how to get more done faster:

"125 Ways To Get More Accomplished In Less Time"

4. The desire to avoid effort

In addition to saving time, we also want to save effort. Here's an example of a great headline that guarantees a simple solution to an otherwise difficult process:

"Six Easy Steps To Making A Fortune In Mail Order"

5. The desire to gain knowledge

Instinctively, one of the greatest emotional desires in humans is to gain knowledge. Here's one way that you can use that natural curiosity in your headlines to magically appeal to customers:

"Discover How To Turn Your Passions Into A Profitable Business"

6. The desire to be more successful

This is a universal appeal because no one wants to be a failure. This type of headline also works well with parents because in addition to their own success they also want to help their children to succeed. Here's a headline that uses that angle:

"Here's How To Help Your Children Succeed In School"

7. The desire to avoid loss

Customers need to know that they won't take a loss if they try your products. Notice how this "guarantee headline" reverses the risk and lets your potential customers know that they have nothing to lose by doing business with you:

"Learn How To Get As Much Credit As You'll Ever Need...100% Guaranteed!"

When you understand what your prospects want it's easy to write
headlines that appeal to that particular desire. Give them what they want to help them make more money, save time, gain knowledge or become more successful. Tap into whatever it is that they desire most and watch your sales increase dramatically.

Joanne L. Mason

Article by Joanne L. Mason. Get your FREE subscription to her weekly ezine SALES LETTER SECRETS to learn proven copywriting and marketing techniques that are guaranteed to help you attract more prospects, turn more browsers into buyers and significantly increase your profits now. Subscribe now at

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