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8 Power Packed Ways to Sell Your Products!

The results are in! After tracking click-throughs and sales for months I have the definitive answer on which promotional techniques are working and which ones are not. If you are not using one of these methods for promoting products with affiliate programs, toss away your old method and apply one of these proven techniques.

Personal recommendations 78,800
Showing the product with endorsement 36,200
Text ads in related content 16,500
Banner ads 8,300
Text ads in unrelated content 5,500

You will notice that nothing beats a personal recommendation, once you've used the product, and if you really believe in it, your heart felt emotion would come through in your words. Just write a few short paragraphs on how you benefited from using the product, what problems it solved, what pain it relieved and / or how much more free time you now have because of it. Then email everyone on your opt-in list recommending the product to them.

It works best if you announce it as a new product by itself, as a "special edition", "press release" or "this just couldn't wait" type of a newsletter to your readership. Another effective yet "softer sell" would come as a recommendation for the product in your regular "weekly" or "monthly" newsletter. A much slower but effective personal recommendation comes in the form of three lines of text (called a signature) at the bottom of every email you send. If you are not a writer, don't want to email your opt-in list, don't have a list, or feel you can't put together a recommendation. Your best bet is to mail out to a known targeted safe list!

Of course if you write the endorsement, it will have much more power, because your customers will know by the writing style that it's coming form you, that you believe in the product, and if you believe in it, so will they. When it comes to endorsement ads, the more prominent location on your web site that you give the product endorsement, the
more products you will sell. Try the upper left-hand corner of a popular web page, "above the fold" as they say. We read left to right, so we always start there. Another
popular spot is at the very bottom, as the last thing on your page. It gives people a recommended destination, after they've seen everything else on your page.

Text links continue to perform well, especially if you use them within related content on your site. You might have an article or report on the search engines or Internet marketing. Such an article is perfect "related content" to slip in a clickable hypertext link, using your affiliate code, that leads directly to a sales letter, where you get the commission when the sale is made.

A dozen different banners combined on hundreds of web sites will not outperform endorsement ads. I definitely recommend any of the previous sales methods over putting up banners. But if you are pressed for time and just want to put something graphical on your site, then it's better than not getting any affiliate sales at all. Remember that if
all you do is put up a banner, your sales will be much lower. If you combine a banner, along with an endorsement ad, your sales will be over 400% higher. Last and least effective is to put up a text link on a page that has nothing to do with the Internet, marketing or promoting web sites. I don't recommend this method, but include it here for the sake of comparison only.

Making Personal Recommendations

Nothing beats a personal written recommendation. A personal testimonial or review can increase sales as much as 950% over a plain old banner ad. Once you have become familiar with the product, you can write your own review. You might want to try some of the strategies listed below, as they have proven very effective.

If you have an opt in email list, announce the product - all by itself - for the best results, do a special announcement, a review recommending the product, a special bulletin or "this just couldn't wait" type of press release If you have an opt in email list on an unrelated subject, advertise the software at the end of your sales letter with a little, P.S. Oh by the way, I almost forgot, here's a great Internet Marketing Tool I just discovered the other day.

If you publish a regular newsletter, announce the software as a hot new product with an endorsement to your readership, or slip it in the "back door" by making it seem like a paid ad but using your affiliate code If you have a "Top 10" product list, you can make the product one of your top choices.

Include a little text only 3 line tail tag or signature file containing your affiliate code at the end of all your email correspondence and postings.

There you have it, the top 8 most powerful advertising tools of all, nothing beats your own personal recommendation, all you have to do is get into action, write your personal recommendation now

Article written by ROBERT PUDDY
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