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Why I Love Multiple Streams Of Income
by John Colanzi

I love multiple streams of income. Especially when it's residual income.

Once you've built your opt in list and have started driving traffic to your site, it's as easy to diversify your promotions, as it is to promote a single product or service.

It doesn't matter how good your main program is, not everyone will be interested. By adding extra income streams, you've got the chance to pick up a few extra sales.

When adding programs, you'll find some have better payouts than others. That's to be expected.
But even a program that doesn't pay as well as your main offer is added income you would normally miss out on.

I remember a seminar I once attended where the speaker was talking about money. He started lining up bills on the table.

He positioned a one dollar bill, a five dollar bill, and continued adding each type of bill until he eventually added a one hundred dollar bill.

He arranged on the bills in a row and them turned to us and asked, "Given your choice, what would you take as payment."

This seemed like a no brainer and everyone answered, the hundred dollar bill.

The speaker smiled, scooped his hand across the table and grabbed them all. He smiled and said, "I'll take them all."

He next asked, "Why would you leave money on the table?"

Marketers do that all the time. They leave money on the table, because it may not sound like much at the time.

Everybody is so interested in grabbing that one hundred dollar bill, they leave money scattered all over the net.

Think about it.

I have some programs that only pay me $100 a month, but it's steady each and every month. It's an extra $1200 a year for simply adding a link to my new subscriber welcome message.

Add that to the programs paying $200, $300 and up and we're talking thousands of dollars for doing nothing extra.

Go to your bank and buy some cd's. See how much you'd have to invest to get $100 a month.

Even better yet, find out how much you'd have to invest in the stock market to get $100 a month in dividend checks.

On the other hand, you can get that same $100 just for adding a simple link in your emails or on your website.

The best part of it all is you don't have to take any cash out of your pocket to do it.

Start grabbing those multiple income streams and stop leaving money on the table.

Let the other guy or gal send out those canned emails saying they're making $10,000 a month from that new fangled, whiz bang program.

I'll let you in on a secret. Most of them haven't made a dime.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

Copyright (c) 2003 John Colanzi.
John Colanzi has shown hundreds of webmasters how to join the ranks of the successful. Find out why his latest eBook, "Confessions Of An Ezine Writer" has been called the easiest, how to roadmap to Ezine Writing success.

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